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The object is to get through 20 questions on the same page with out having to start over on another 20. If you answer the question correctly, it will remain on that page. Otherwise, if you answer one in correctly, you will have to start on another set. This is meant to help prepare you for your test, so cheating will only mean cheating yourself. Have fun studying.

Multiple choice:

1.) Conservation measures are aspects of

2.) Which is not considered as a cost of technology

3.) Which of the 7 technology resources can technology sometimes exist without

4.) Which is not an example of a legislated compensator for tech costs

5.) most popular way of waste disposal

6.) which is not a renewable energy resource

7.) which is not an example of how electricity is produced in power plants

8.) Which is not a processing facility

9.) Which is not an example of non verbal communication

10.) which is an example of atmospheric travel

True and False

1.) T or F    Pipelines fall under stationary terrestrial transportation systems

2.) T or F    Radiant energy is also called heat energy

3.) T or F    Terrestrial transportation is about space travel

4.) T or F    Manufacturing is done in plants and refineries

5.) T or F    Power is the measure of the amount of work done

6.) T or F    Wood is considered a source of chemical energy

7.) T or F    Mechanical energy is transformed from fuel inside an engine

8.) T or F    Communication happens between non living things

9.) T or F    Energy can never be created or destroyed

10.) T or F    Hydro electric dams are a better choice over fossil fuel because they don't have any big negative aspects