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Multiple Choice

1.) Which produces the most pollution

2.) Lighter than air transportation

3.) Which does not fall under space travel

4.) sign language is

5.) New Page falls under

6.) Trading of goods and services that makes countries dependant on one another

7.) Knowledge is

8.) Manufacturing generally happens here

9.) The assembly of components to produce a finished product

10.) Which is not associated with robots

True or False

1.) T or F    Technology systems exist independently from each other

2.) T or F    Communication is understood information transfer

3.) T or F    Modern technology always provides the best solutions

4.) T or F    Trees are non renewable

5.) T or F    Renewable means to reuse materials or objects to cut down waste

6.) T or F    Technology systems all depend on one another in order to exist

7.) T or F    Line production is a common means of processing

8.) T or F    Production technology is the foundation of all technologies

9.) T or F    Conveyor belt is a vehicular transportation system

10.) T or F    There are only a few examples of technology with out a cost