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  An Overview

The positive effects of technology verses the bad effects ( the costs) of technology; is like a teeter-tottering game. On one side we pile the positive effects such as

  1. economic growth

  2.  job creation

  3. safety and security improvements or assurances

  4. medical advancements

  5. product diversity

  6. material improvements

  7. work saving & luxury items

On the other side lands the negative consequences  or costs:

  1. inequalities and suppression         

  2. Job losses                                 

  3. criminal & terrorist threat            

  4. medical side effects & drug abuse 

  5. energy & material depletion         

  6. Pollution & environmental threat   

  7. waste and disposable attitudes    

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Often we must add compensating assurances, through interventions such as:

  1. legislation

  2. education

  3. recycling 

  4. conservation

 Compensators are  often needed to assist the positive side to help counterbalance unexpected and/or unaddressed negative effects of technology. Hopefully, the positive effects will always out weigh the negative. 

Although, technology is meant to improve our quality of life and standard of living, we have to remember that all technology comes at a cost. As you can see above, the cost is not always weighed in dollars. In general terms; it is also be weighed in many other ways, for example:


1.) If the costs of technology are not just weighed in dollars, what else are they measured in?

2.) What is an example of an aspect of technology with a positive side that has an obvious (negative) cost that we try to compensate with some means. In other words, explain the positive, negative and compensative  way we try to balance the technology seesaw in a specific situation.