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Create a folder in your account entitled: "Your 1st Name BDG". In this folder will be placed your bridge designs.

B) Using "ModelSmart" software, design 3 different design ideas which could be used to solve the problem presented below. Choose 1 of these ideas for actual construction and indicate which one was chosen by naming it; 1st choice.

C) Build the structure with the materials provided. When it is completed , you will submit it for a mark. After all parts of the project are marked, your structure will be tested by and evaluated by the class as a whole. is a source of links about the ModelSmart program and related bridge info. if you do a search for ModelSmart on Google, for example you will find plenty of related sites.

The above shows how to choose page size as we will be using a printout of your design as a template to construct the actual sides of your bridge. Before beginning construction, you will need to make a photocopy of the original which will be used to produce an identical second side/ truss .

brdg2004e.jpg (64812 bytes) Problem/ Paradox: brdg2004sa.jpg (68619 bytes)

- You are to build a bridge that will cross a barrier 12"/ 30cm wide.

- There will be no piers to assist supporting your bridge.

- You must be able to pass a block 11/2"high X 3" (app. 4cmX 7.5cm) through your bridge.

Your design / structure which will:

1. Span a distance of 30 cm (12 inches), as a result the structure must be between 33 cm (13 inches) and 35.5 cm (14 inches) long in order to be supported by the abutments and not fall in.

2. It must be at least 5 centimeters (2 inches) high but no higher than 12.5 centimeters ( 5 inches) .

3. It must be at least 8.75 centimeters (3.5 inches) wide but no wider than 10.8 centimeters ( 4.25 inches).

4. It must allow a vehicle to pass from one end of the structure to another.( a block 11/2"x 3")

5. You will be provided with 20 ft. of 1/8 inch balsa strips and a container of glue as your source of material .

Note: When calculating your total material length, remember you are to double the total lengths of one side (as your bdg. has two) and also allow enough to join the two sides, top and bottom.

Something to consider is the fact that the test will be done by applying a downward pressure with a 4"x4" plate on the top and through the centerof your bridge, As a result, you may want to test with a load as shown below.

Note: You are only to have supports at either end.


bdgt566.jpg (235531 bytes) bdger65u76.jpg (232822 bytes) bdger43.jpg (239707 bytes) brdgdfw.jpg (228108 bytes) DSC00188.JPG (612335 bytes)


Bridge Design Contest/Assignment
Using the "West Point Bridge Designer" software on your computer, you are to design a bridge that will, not only withstand it's own weight, but that of the truck that will drive over it in the simulated test.

The winner of the contest is the person who designs the bridge that passes the bridge test at the lowest bridge price tag.

Download "West Point Bridge" design program for Free @ and have some real fun