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Model Rocketry
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The following is a step by step process to building your own model rocket.

1) Place a section of wooden dowel in a vise and tighten vise.

wpeA5.jpg (18458 bytes)

2) Wind tape over the dowel, sticky side out, overlapping only slightly.

3) Another person is required for this step.
One person wets the tape around the rocket a bit at a time,
while the other winds another layer of tape over it, spiralling in the other direction.
Repeat until there are 3 to 4 layers of tape on the fuselage.

4) This step you have to fix the end of the tape so that it will not come undone when you go to put the glue on it.
5) Coat the exterior of the fuselage with watered-down glue to add strength.
6) Slide the dowel out of the fuselage.
7) Cut out 2,3 fins with your desired shape.
8) Glue the fins onto the fuselage with wood glue and set aside to let the glue dry.
10) Once all the glue is dry apply the paint of your choice. Paint the fuselage and fins. wpeA8.jpg (31374 bytes)