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Step by step means to produce varied sculpture projects<<<"CLICK"

Garden Stones:

After laying the stained glass on the Mac tack in plastic mould, comes the cement.
Note that a kitty litter box, plastic or plastic bucket or bucket cover make for good moulds. You can also use dollar store glass ornaments to set into the cement

Glass Etching

Using etching acid
to permanently score
glass or mirror. It
could be used to produce
Signs or ornaments
Clean your glass including
finger prints & choose your image.
Colouring book pics work well.
Tape your tracer paper between
your pic and the glass so that can flip & check progress often
Cut out your image using a utility knife, removing the paper to expose glass image After you paint your project with etching paste, wait then clean it off exposing your etching You can protect & decorate the edges with copper tape. Center and wrap the perifery with tape. Flatten the edges using a pencil....and voilą! tblea.jpg (264721 bytes)