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Saturday February 15th, 2014
Game 1 11:00 Cape Breton Highlands Academy vs. Richmond Academy
Game 2 1:00 SAERC vs. Dalbrae Academy
Game 3 3:30 Championship Game- Winner of Game 1 vs. Winner of Game 2.
Game 4 5:30. Seeding game - if required loser game 1 vs. loser game 2
Looking at the qualifying information and because SAERC is hosting provincials we will need to schedule a 5:30 game but it only needs to be played if SAERC makes it to the championship and loses.  That would mean that the winners of the championship qualify for provincials as will SAERC as hosts.  The winner of the consolation game would then be qualified for a provincial qualifying tournament.  In all other scenarios the consolation game can be abandoned.  If SAERC wins regional's they qualify for provincials and the runner up goes to a provincial qualifier,  if SAERC loses their first game, they and the regional champions qualify for provincials and the regional runner up goes to a provincial qualifier.  If there's a storm day Friday this could cause a refereeing issue which might result in having to move things to Sunday.