Welcome to the Cape Breton Highlands Judo Club. 

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We welcome you to come and take part in our classes  held on Tuesdays and Thursdays @ Dalbrae  Academy. Our new dojo is located on the left, at the end of the yellow hall, past the teacher's room.

Our class starts at 6:30.

NOTE: At any time that there is a school cancellation due to storms etc, JUDO IS CANCELLED AS WELL.




Our old site

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Our club is made up of people from the Margarees, Inverness, Whycocmagh, Mabou and PortHood.

To verify that our club is indeed registered for Healthy Living Tax incentives, click on the link and scroll down to section 28, http://gov.ns.ca/hpp/HealthyLivingIncentiveEligibility.html#PRPAO