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Dalbrae Academy embraced the Co-op work placement program in the spring of 2009. Since then; our students have experienced some very cool environments and participated in some pretty awesome work related activities. Students soon discovered that work placements are a lot more than just a simple show and tell exercise, and that there are many positive things that come out of a co-op work placement. So, what are co-op work placements?

Co-op work placements are :

After all, Co-op work placements provide:

Every co-op is unique. This conservation co-op was split between Natural Resources and DFO. The student worked with an officer along waterways and even went in the air. " I really enjoyed being outside and actually making sure people were not breaking the rules. I must say when we flew in a helicopter to inspect eagle's nests,... we flew over my house and our school. Now, that was awesome"

In this co-op with the Dept. of Natural Resources; the student participated in the processing and reintroduction of the martin to Cape Breton Island. " It was a cool experience to release martins back into Cape Breton, especially since my grandfather used to raise them on Port Hood Island years ago."

Co-ops can greatly happen can greatly enhance your education and your job prospects at the same time. This young lady returned to Dalbrae as a full time co-op student. She could have completed her high school education in January. She did 3 back to back co-ops instead. The result was that she was offered summer employment in her chosen field of post secondary study, as well as received bursaries from her university of choice from those references. "There is no doubt that my co-ops made all the difference."

Co-ops can build long term relationships with employers. This young fellow never left his placement. He is now a full time employee, and his employer is sponsoring him through his apprenticeship as a heavy duty mechanic. "This was the best thing that could have ever happened for me in school".

This young lady was hired part time once she completed her co-op. She had already been accepted into the pastry arts program at Holland college and plans to transfer to the store in Charlottetown to continue working while she goes to college.



2008/09 was the inaugural school year for Community Based Learning for Dalbrae Academy. Three students who could have finished at the end of January, decided to kick start their careers and return as full time co-op students. They enrolled into 3 back to back co-ops. This school year saw six work placements at the Inverness Hospital, as well as placements with numerous businesses and government departments in our local area and as far away as St. Andrews. One student in the lab got to watch the teacher getting blood tests. Another actually flew in a helicopter. Job offers were made as a result of some of the placements, and some actually changed their career choice because of their experience.


2009/10 resulted in continued growth of the CBL program. We made inroads with the RCMP and The Department of Transportation. Our territory expanded to include Petit de Gras and Baddeck. The variety of of placements grew as did the experiences. Students did things from releasing martens into the wild of CB to being on the high seas. One student actually sailed on the Atlantic Vision (a ferry to NFLD) for a 7 day and a 4 day stint.

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