Assigned Credit

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Co-op Credits fall into 3 categories:

NOTE: Every co-op placement is individually accessed as they each are built around their own particular circumstances. It is very likely that you could have 2 students doing a placement in very similar environments, trades, or professions; but working towards two different credits. Due to the fact that that the credit designation is not so much based on the type of co-op chosen, but more on how that co-op is executed.

Things like the level and depth of the career exploration exercise, the extent of the overall learning plan, as well as the degree and magnitude of the reflection component; would be monumental in deciding the difference between accreditations. Other important considerations for the distinction would include the responsibilities and level of participation of the student in each placement.

So, once again; it not so much the type of placement as it is in the commitment and level of participation that the student is willing and able to put into their co-op. For example; a trade co-op that requires a high level of responsibility and skill development accompanied with in-depth study and documentation is clearly worth more than a professional co-op that is restricted to mere observation, accompanied by limited exploration and/or minimal documentation.

Each student with the blessing of their parent/guardian and consultation of the co-op teacher; should decide on the credit being pursued by the end of the 25 hr