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This program offers a great return on a student's investment. Students are offered an opportunity to earn 3 co-op high school credits. The ist credit as a result of the selection process investment and two weeks of intense orientation and safety  training, combined with 2 paid summer time work placement credits. The successful students that complete all three credits also gain 300 hours of pre-apprenticeship hours. This credits makes it very easy to justify early graduation from high school. On
top of that; these students will qualify for BF scholarships!!

<<<<<Our First winner to received the (2012) Building Futures for Youth Award of $1,000 Scholarship

 Dalbrae's second $1000,00 winner of the Construction Association of Nova Scotia Building Futures for Youth Award  fours years later in 2016>> So, how does it work??

The family information night is mandatory to attend and it is a great opportunity to get all the players on the same page and to answers any questions or right any miss understandings. It's also a good time to put a face on everyone.
During the two different weeks of orientation and safety training in the spring, students will be have a chance to gain general knowledge surrounding apprenticeship and work expectations, as well as be introduced to work place tools and equipment. Once they are instructed to their proper and safe usage, they get a chance to apply their skills by producing some trophies. They will likely obtain safety certificates such as Fall Arrest and Scaffolding Awareness.

As part of their safety training they get some hands on experience to best gain an awareness to proper scaffolding and rigging techniques.

APPLICATION There is a change this year in regards to safety credentials.  OHS/Passport to Safety & WHMIS must be submitted with the student application at the time of application (deadline is Dec. 9th).  Students will be asked to provide us with a scheduled date to complete their First Aid at the time of formal interviews.

 Construction Sector Council Market Ranking Projections                                                                                         

2018 Dalbrae had 5 successful candidates for this summer's program.    

The 2018 BF toured both the SRCE School Bus Garage and Mulgrave Machine Works.                                                                    

2017 Dalbrae had 5 successful candidates for this summer's program.             

2016 Dalbrae had 3 successful candidates for this summer's program.    

The 2016 BF tour took us to Cabot Links/Cliffs. Our tour started in the parking lot @ Cabot Links, through the completed accommodations and buildings, as well as others under construction. We finished up @ Cabot Cliffs, already ranked 19th in the world even though it doesn't even officially open for a few more days. Besides all the enlightenment about trades and the enormous impact that this monumental initiative has in our area, Our tour guide Mr. Ben Dorey (Director of Construction & Maintenance  @ Cabot)  continually reaffirmed two basic fundamentals for the recipe to;  1} "Work hard and be nice to people", and  2) undestand "Perception is Reality".                                                                   

2015 Dalbrae had 5 successful candidates, but only 4 participated in the CANS Building Futures for Youth Program this year this summer.

This year we toured Mulgrave Machine Works once again at the end of our training. This group got see the magnitude of the work they do as well Some line boring machining at work.


 2014 Dalbrae had 4 successful candidates participate in the CANS Building Futures for Youth Program this year.

This year we toured Mulgrave Machine Works once again at the end of our training. This time we witnessed their new $1/2 million plasma CNC cutting table at work.


2013 Dalbrae had 2 successful candidates participate after 3 years in a row of 5 placements.  
We actually only had one Dalbrae student complete their program this year

This year's tour took place on the construction site of the new dorms at St. F. X.. Our tour guide was a brother to Dalbrae's building manager.  After a short safety orientation, he showed us the place inside and out as well as from top to bottom. We also met a couple of the accompanying NSCC instructor's former students working there, one of which just graduated.

2012 Dalbrae had 5 successful candidates participate.


We toured Mulgrave Machine Works at the end of our training.


Below illustrates a sheet of steel being rolled into a cylinder shape that will be further fabricated into a large steel tank!

We were introduced to the machine shop and numerous welding and fabricating sections of this very large shop that covered nearly an acre. It was awesome!!

2011 Dalbrae had 5 successful candidates participate.

We toured the new Inverary manor under construction in Inverness

2010 Dalbrae had 5 successful candidates participate.

We toured the new science building under construction @ St. FX
We ended up having 2students do their placement here for the summer.