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The 4 step Career Decision- Making Process

This is a very valuable exercise that could provide you with life long ramifications. It is very difficult for many of us to make an educated career choice, one that will insure maximum happiness potential throughout my life time. The destination is one thing. To decide on the best way to get there is another. You want to choose a successful career that you will enjoy, permit you to live where you want, and with a standard of living that you are comfortable with. How you get to your destination and how long it takes to get there can differ considerably depending on many things. Some you can control and others you can not. It is important to know just what your options are as to save you money and time, but you need to know the facts. Do not short change yourself with this exercise. Find out the facts and explore the possibilities. Do your homework. Why pay for 4 years of university, if you can do 2 years at college and transfer into university for the final 2 and to get your degree, but with a more diverse, hands on experience? What can you do with your investment of time and money if you should change your mind?? Whatever you do,  support your findings with facts and statistics. Do not base your life on rumours and hearsay.

To best prepare you for that big decision you should follow these 4 steps:

But before we get started on where we might like to go with your career, lets establish where we are by TAKING STOCK of how we see ourselves at this point in your life.

Write a brief intro to the 4 step process by:

Login or sign up to "my Blueprint" and do the "Establishing the Starting Line" Activity in the Co-op Classroom. The detail outline is below

Write a short introductory essay (app 250 word/one page) or PowerPoint should likely flow like this: