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One way or another you should be well on your way some kind of career target. Hopefully you have researched a career so that you can weigh the possibilities for yourself.

Now that you have made a career target, investigated what that job is all about, and how you might get from where you are now to being fully accomplished/certified in your field; it's time to put it all together and sell your career.

Assignment: SAMPLE

Students are to promote the career of choice either in a brochure, PowerPoint or essay format. You also have the option of making it a video project. Remember it's the career, not an institution that you are to promote. For example:  a career in nursing could start with 4 years at university like St.FX or Dalhousie. You may want to simply compare them or look at doing 2 years at Marconi and transferring to CBU for the remaining 2 years. Similarly you could look at 4 years at UNB for a degree in forestry compared to doing 2 years at The Maritime College of Forest Technology and transferring to UNB for the final 2 years. You have to weight the costs and the certificates and even what connections you have where. Perhaps you have family that could put you up and save you a lot of money.

 The idea is that you are to do an investigation into a career of special interest to you. Hopefully you have a  good chunk of the work already done in the exercises leading up to this section. Now it's time to compile your information and perhaps revisit and/or dig deeper to find important answers to questions you need to know in order to make an educated decision of what you might strive for. Include at least 2 different paths that you might take in order to become officially, certifiably competent for the work place. This way you can compare the different paths and weigh the cost, time, certification etc to see which path best suites you. Also include alternative careers that you could divert into as a result of your training. In other words; what are some specialties or other related jobs you could consider as a result of the path you set out on. This could become your back up plan if, for what ever reason, things don't work out.

Either through a brochure, PowerPoint presentation or essay you are (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) to sell your career of choice. In doing so; you must:

Your project, no matter the format, should:

Example approach to make the brochure ;

  1. fold paper into 3 sections, left side folded in, right side folded on top of center.

  2. There need be a cover page; (in big letters) your career choice/title, (in smaller letters perhaps) along with a catchy phrase. Example: Nail down a future in CARPENTRY. This should be decorated with trade related pictures

  3. Inside should contain such information as 
    a.) a description of duties and risks related to your choice; working conditions, heights, etc
    b.) conditions of employment such as self-employment, construction, union, institution, etc
    c.) licensing, certification, investment of tools etc that you may need to acquire
    d.)  related work ......You may actually be shocked at all the related jobs connected to certain field. The following is one place to help you with that;
    TRADES, TRANSPORT AND EQUIPMENT OPERATORS AND RELATED OCCUPATIONS. Don't list them all, but certainly show that there is some variety.
    e.) Job market, is there a market, where is the market and are you willing to go there. include the expected pay range

    <<this button is one link to job market results.
    You might include interesting related info such as this: Heavy Equipment out west

  4. EDUCATION costs, requirements, locations. NOTE: be sure to include a number of options. REMEMBER, you are promoting the career, not the course. If you have to google the training in Nova Scotia. Find out if you are better off going private vs NSCC, or seeking training here or abroad. Then share your findings. This is VERY important.
    For example; If you do a search on " heavy equipment training", you should quickly discover:
    in PEI
    Port Hawkesbury and Bridgewater
    Falmouth NS
    , Truro
    Compare these to NSCC and/or other schools across the country found @
    Duration, certification, fees and job prospects will definitely be different in each case.




Here are other related links:

http://pcc.ednet.ns.ca/schools.shtml <<<< private postsecondary schools in NS

45 Automotive Service and Repair Careers to Choose From @ http://www.automotivesectorcouncil.ca/careers.htm


For Tech jobs in NS http://techportjobs.com/en/home/default.aspx

Some sites that could be of some help:

http://www.careercruising.com/ username: dalbraeacademy    password: riverdenys
list of password  for all of our students can be obtained in student services.