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Career Exploration< It's like a discovery exercise...Take notes when you find something you like.
Hopefully this section will find a career match to your taste. For a good fit we need to provide some
insight to the typical duties and responsibilities associated to whatever type of work you may find interesting. One way or another,....sooner or later,  you want a job that you might enjoy doing and one that you should be successful in order to put food on your table.  You could begin with a career cluster or a specific type of work you may wish to pursue. So lets get started:

Whether you know a lot about a certain line of work, know little about a particular line of work, or simply want to investigate a line of work, you may not have even known existed till now; this is a chance to learn some facts. We don't want to base our future on rumours and hear-say.

To start this exercise you may want to get a rough idea of career clusters. Career Clusters groups related fields/jobs into categories based on criteria that makes each cluster different from the rest. For example Agriculture & Natural Resources  vs Information Technology The identifying criteria is quit different between these 2 clusters. Within a cluster skills are often multileveled and somewhat transferable so that they give you room to grow and perhaps apply your experience in a career change.

<<<CareerOneStop is an excellent link to videos that depict 100's of careers organized into 16 clusters, or related types of work. Select a category to view a list of videos related to that cluster. Videos include career details such as tasks, work settings, education needed, and more.

<<<The Nova Scotia Government Career "Occupational Videos" web page is a very comprehensive home grown resource that not only provides numerous career videos, but valuable descriptive and current job market information. Once you choose a career; scroll down to see the descriptions and to learn about the job prospects as well as watch the promotional videos at the bottom that highlight aspects of the job.

Note: <<< this button on the right of the page will reveal countless occupations to explore

use the advance search to help narrow down a career option
To search out more than 300 occupations in Nova Scotia, many careers not in the list above, or to view related occupations within a cluster, start your search by beginning with an "occupation category" You can also compare occupations with our Compare Occupations feature.

This button will bring you to a site that will show the numerous job titles that are associated with career paths. It should help you with this part of your assignment as you can see what the expectations are in careers ranging from dancers to engineers.   

<<<JobsPeopleDo.com strives to be an excellent one stop career resource for students, and all those looking to seek career options.

<<< Click here and register for a 14 day free trial to search out this awesome resource that has over 600 job videos

The JobsPeopleDo.com website was primarily designed for the 1.8 million plus Canadian students ages 12-18 that are required to identify career choices in high school, but also notices a huge following by those adults who are seeking career change..




Now that you identified with a particular career:
  • Write a brief descriptor of your career choice
  • List the typical duties and responsibilities associated with this type of work
  • What a career options, different directions this work might take you?
  • Fill in the chart below

Consider the conditions you would be exposed to in a job. I had a young lady exclaiming that she wanted to be a nurse. At the same time she wanted to do her co-op in short shifts because she would never be able to do a 12 hour shifts?? Another who also wanted to be a nurse, but couldn't spell needle with out passing out. So before you get in too deep, ask yourself:
Just what does this job entail: