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Career Evaluation < It's like a feasibility study for you.  as well as the job forecast for your eventual career choice. Unless you are super passionate about a particular line of work, why not make sure that what you decide to shoot for is something in demand.
Part A: Check out the job prospects and what your career will mean for you. (remember to take notes on your findings)
Hopefully you now have some kind of idea on what you might to do for the rest of your life or at least can pick some thing to consider doing. This part is all about finding the facts and dispelling hear say and misguiding information. If you do this right you could save money and time as you choose your post secondary education to launch your career. You may also clarify some myths and make a more educated career choice by unearthing some very important information that you would have otherwise not considered. Based on some idea
of typical duties and responsibilities associated with a line of work you be considering .,  you should be clear on:


Postsecondary Career Guide

Assuming that you have a rough idea, or a couple of things you might be interested in, consider this: Nearly 75,000  workers are estimated to be needed in Nova Scotia over the next 5 years to replace nearly 56,000 retiring workers and for app 19,000 additional new jobs. These links highlight the areas of growth, as well as those that are expected to be on the decline. Important information when looking for the best place to invest in your future.

Part B: What is your best educational choice to launch you toward your career destination?

MOST IMPORTANT<<< Remember 40% of NS grade 12 grads do not finish their 1st choice postsecondary education choice!!...That is one reason this whole exercise is so important.

There are always numerous ways to get the training and experience you need

 >Research the pre-requisites you need to get into what you are interested in.
: that the pre-requisites (minimum requirements) for one place may not be the same for another. For example: a course at St FX vs a comparable course at CBU, or a course @ NSCC vs one @ NAIT. Also Note that they may also identify recommended high school courses.

That is some of the reason why it is important to: 
Identify more than one way to get from where you are now to accomplishing your goal,.... becoming fully qualified in your field of choice.


You may be considering a career as an X-ray technician. Did you ever considered a 2 year Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technology - Diploma? What might you think if you compared that to a 2 year Medical Radiologic Technology | SAIT Polytechnic | Calgary, Alberta vs a 4 year Radiological Technology degree@ Dalhousie University. Perhaps a diploma or a technologists or even an assistant position, instead of the degree postion is a better fit for you because of financial reasons, marks or even comfort...another reason to explore.


Postsecondary Career Guide





http://www.cmtc-tradescollege.ca/ <<Carpentry



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