CBL Promo Videos

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Some points made:

Employers can provide real world experiences in real world environments on equipment and conditions that we can not replicate 

Our students provide an energy that our hosts appreciate as well perform meaningful tasks

Employers are so impressed that they sometimes offer students part time and even full time employment

Employers see CBL as an important means to lure students and prepare them for their line of work...... and when they find a good fit, they sometimes provide incentives for students to continue their pursuit

Community Support for Community Based Learning Video Series:

This is a rap slide show was produced by Dalbrae' Academy's  FLMV students to promote this year as being the 1st O2 graduating class for Dalbrae Acedmy. It is testimony to some of the projects that students worked on and the places they have seen and the things that they have done. Dalbrae Academy as a whole has benefited from the O2 program. We have new and special programming such as Judo 11, Food courses and various work/shop courses. The students helped renovate the wood shop. We obtained support to buy tools and equipment to revitalize the shop. Tech Ed is back. Non O2 Students are included and encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities that result from O2 when ever possible.
After working with the RCMP to establish a safe and mutually beneficial relationship, we have established coop placements with lasting results.
Zutphen Contractors, big participants of our co-op program, indicates the positive aspects of co-op for young people to test the waters and the fact that itís an opportunity to gaff someone who they would like not get away. You see one young fella who did a co-op there and never left.
The Invarary Manor is a shopping mall of health care exploration. They are a big supporter of the program and those wishing to pursue a career in health care. Emphasis is put on the fact that the co-op is a big benefit not just to the student, but to their clients as well; and that this type of career is a means to offer our youth good work and benefits here at home.

This video from Tri Harbour Dental promotes careers connected to the field of dentistry. He highlights the value co-ops provide to students and what students bring to the work place. In addition, the hygienist points out the positive impact co-op provides on students even if the co-op results in a dead end to a career pursuit.

Our community relies on of many industries. These industries, small and large, realize that their future lies with our youth. They value CBL as means to instill work readiness as well as an opportunity to find good workers and lure them into their particular field.
Larche offers a wonderful opportunity for students to do community service while exploring a career in special care. If nothing else, they stand to gain a better appreciation for people with special needs and those who care for them.
Parents are important players in CBL. These parents both saw the positive impact that co-op had on their children. In both cases their children discovered a new career path as a result of an exploratory co-op work placement. The first totally sold on marine navigation at the outset, found marine engineering was his passion. He has an early conditional acceptance into Marine Navigation @ NSCC after doing his MED A1 and a concentrated co-op in Marine Engineering with Atlantic Ferries where he is logging his hours on the water.   The other student who hoped to be a paramedic actually went on a waiting list for a year before starting her Lab Tech training once she made her connection during a health care co-op at the hospital.