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            (Portfolio requirements)

Pre-course Component:  -to be completed & returned in 1st 5 days commencement.
Parents/guardians sign documents in green
The forms below, once completed, collectively make up the contractual requirements for consideration to participate in the Co-op Program.
A student can only participate if all players identified in these documents agree without reservation that the student is ready and able, and that the undersigned support the student and have no concerns, especially with the student maintaining his/her other studies.
  Co-op Application *      The first thing to understand is that a co-op placement is a privilege not a given. This is the initial request document to start the process.                                                                   (3pgs) 
   Commitment Agreement *      Along with the application, this agreement is to be filled out and signed by Parent/Guardian and returned to Co-op teacher. It signifies the student's commitment to maintain the integrity of the program by striving to stick to the indicated CBL principles.                  (1pg) 
   Community Reference *      Student is to fill out the first portion, then have a Community reference complete and return this document to the co-op teacher.  A coach or employers make good community references. It can be a teacher.                                                                                         (2pgs)
  Teacher Reference *  Student fills out the first portion, then finds a teacher that would recommend the student for the program and ask them to complete and return to the Co-op teacher                           (2pgs)


  Teacher Release *      Signed by all other subject teachers means indicates that they are aware and support this initiative for the noted student.
  Independent Study Hall Agreement *      Students and guardians need to go over these rules and sign the agreement in regards to attendance and scheduling policy
  Travel/Media Release *      Has to be signed by student and parent/guardian at the outset, and eventually by the host.                                                                                                                                                 (1pg)
In School Component:  
-Minimum 25 hour in school requirements
Each student must start or continue development of their life portfolio. much of the documentation from this course make excellent entries



In School Log *      Students will log their hours  on a daily basis while in school as a record of their required " in school component".
  Learning Plan part A
Self Assessment
*      This requirement can be seen as an intro to the first step of their career exploration, and would make a good addition to a student's portfolio".
  Career Exploration/
Backup plan
*      1st time co-op students must complete this 4 step process to include in their portfolio
*      2nd time co-op students must complete a similar backup or alternative exploration
  Résumé *      Student will produce or update their résumé for their portfolio and their community host.
  Cover Letter *      Student will produce a job specific cover letter to accompany their résumé
  WHMIS *      WHMIS certificate from NSCSA (requiring your WHMIS ID Login) or St. John Ambulance
  OH & S *      OH&S certificate from NSCSA (requiring your CELT ID login)
  Emergency 1st Aid *      St. John Ambulance Life Smart Certificate
  Special Certification   Placement specific certification/forms>>> Criminal/vulnerable
sector Check
Immunization Record Request  
  Min 6 Personal Achievements *       At least 6 personal certificates, news clippings, Tests, works of art, etc, that show who you are….what you are about. Mix it up.
Work Prerequisites to be completed once a placement has been identified
  Learning Agreement *      Student will see that all four partners will read and sign this document as early as possible in the program.  The Host will likely sign @ the pre-placement visit           (1pg)
  Confidentiality Statement *      Once the student has been educated on the subject of confidentiality,  they fill out the form and will eventually return the document once all four parties have signed.       (1pg)
  Specific Placement  Safety Requirements

Sector check

Child Abuse Register clearance



MED A-1 Food Prep
  Other Special Requirements Identify: RCMP Contingency Plan Agreement 
  Learning Plan


*      The 1st file below is an intro to the learning plan. The second is a sample that the student can edit and make into heir own.
  Workplace Readiness
Assessment A & B
*      Once the components of these assessments are completed and meet the standards of the program, and all the documents have been signed; the student is eligible for a work placement.
Placement Component: 
-Minimum 100 hour
  Pre-Placement Assessment *      To be filled out by the Co-op teacher  with the potential host employer prior to agreement of placement. Often an opportunity for student intro to work place                                                                                                                                      (2pgs)
  Time Sheet
 *    A log to account for your time and record your daily activity,  signed by  the student, and  community host .                                                                                                                  (2pgs)
  Employer Evaluation
*      Overall performance tally of the student's performance by the employer at the end of the term 
Industrial Evaluation Mini Evaluation  


Hospital; daily



Post Work Placement Component:
-Minimum 10 hour post placement
in school requirements
  Thank you Letter *     Student will produce a thank you letter for their Host, perhaps to accompany a small gift and certificate of participation.
  Presentation  *     Student will prepare a short presentation to share with their peers. It is meant to be an informative story telling opportunity.
  Reflective Assignment

      *      A choice between a reflective essay concerning your over all work experience, highlighting the highs and lows as well as any influence it may or may not have had on his or career choice.                              Or….
*      a reflective narrative on a single event during the work term that had significant impact.                                                    Or….
* A documentary on the experience and/or the field of the placement.

      All of the above may be paper, presentation or video format


  Employer Evaluation