Reflective Assignment

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This assignment is a record on a look back at your co-op work experience and an opportunity to evaluate your time. It may be that your co-op has actually eliminated a potential career choice for you instead of confirming or discovering a specific path. Confirming or eliminating options are both as important as the other. Hopefully a particular event or perhaps the over all experience has swayed you one way or the other. This is why you have a choice between 2 different retrospective accounts. You can choose between:

  •  A Reflective Essay outline <<<<ClickStudent Sample Essay
Either choice should:
  •  start with an intro to your work place and/or your career choice
  •  why and how you made the choices you made
  •  a general overview
  • details on your learning and how you felt about your experience
  • pictures of the place and/ or the type of work

The reflective essay is meant to be the vehicle to express and support how the overall experience impacted your perspective. On the other hand, the reflective narrative better illustrates how, a more or less single event,....good or bad, has made a lasting impression in your mind.