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 Get to Know yourself, that is the first step of our career exploration. You are going to do so by seeing how others weigh your personality and interests. Everyone has Skill and Ability, but we don't often stop and critically annualize where it all comes from. Use this link below to discover things about yourself and identify with types of work that best match what you have to offer.

You are to take the 5 short quizzes that are outlined below. These quizzes are designed to identify things like your potential abilities, your preferences and your values. Each time you do a quiz, copy the results into a document (on a separate page). Most importantly, be sure to copy your top 3 evaluative conclusions located below your test  results that make sense of your answers, and the suggested career possibilities located to the left of some of the test results. This is the only way to save the information that you will need to reflect on when you are done.

Open a word doc before you start to copy your findings.

You will have to create an account take the Career Quizes on our government's job bank page.

 Once you finish the quizzes; summarize in your own words  what you learned from each quiz.