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Thank You Letter


Write a thank you letter to your employer or supervisor in which you tell what you have learned from this experience and, if applicable, how it has helped you in your career choice. Also express your thanks for their help and co-operation. Use the format provided below:

Dalbrae Academy
P.O.Box 220,
Mabou, N.S.
B0E 1X0

January 09, 2010

 Supervisorís Name
Their Position

Name of business or school
City and Province
Postal Code




The body of the letter goes here. It should include things like:

  •  An intro to yourself, the program, the placement

  •  Thank them for the opportunity, their time, the experience

  •  Something positive that you got out of it

  •  A reference to that you hope they did too....

  •  End it with


Yours Truely or Sincerly

Be sure to sign

Print your name