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<< 8 hour H2S Alive course schedules and costs  {good for 3 years}

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<< St. John Ambulance WHMIS done online, technically doesn't expire, but is encouraged to be refreshed every 2-3 yrs.
1st Aid online training requires a 1/2 day practical session and has a 3yr expiry
Standard 1st aid = 2 day course is also available for 10-20 people.
Health Care Provider First Aid has an extensive CPR component

<< Located in Sydney

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<< Located in Sackville

  << NSCC Pictou Campus, School of Fisheries Course Fees and Durations including MED-A1 (Marine Emergency Duties A1) {No Expirery} but requires you to obtain a CDN# from Marine Transportation prior to taking the course.

<< for your CDN# (Candidate Document Number) necessary prior to going for your MED-A1

to obtain a your CDN# you need one piece of documentation with you from both categories below:

Personal ID Proof of Citizenship
  • Health Card
  • Driver License
  • Indian Status Card
  • Fire Arm License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Baptismal Certificate

       Few commercial sectors can be complacent. The accommodation and food-and-drink industry limped home in 1996 with ten deaths and 22,688 time-loss injuries. In 1995 agriculture suffered 99 deaths, many resulting from tractor accidents. And even office workers could be much safer; thousands are injured due to such hazards as cramped conditions, bad lighting or poor equipment.


Fork truck safety

Play the robot plant workplace hazard game with 9 scenes, 6 potential accidents and 3 actual injuries.





This clip from illustrates how quickly an accident can happen.
Alberta stats Young Workers,
Ergonomics 4 Schools



WorkCover NSW has produced this interactive multimedia internet site to help young people when they first go to work. Different category safety games, case studies and safety info.


Do all of the restaurant modules. When you are ready to take the quizzes,  play the Restaurant Safety Puzzle Game

Click here to download the Office Ergonomics Crossword Puzzle...

Fork truck safety game

BC safety video contest winners: