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1. a)



Hunting/agi Industrial era Information era
  • short distance
  • slow, limited communication
  • instant long distant
  •  mass communication using individual mediums
  • multimedia capabilities
  • interactive communication

3) Today's communication technology (CNC, robots, lasers) play a large role in  production systems, even the production systems that make the components for the Communication systems. Transportation systems also require communication systems that move the product. Transportation systems rely on production systems to produce the vehicles and communication systems to schedule and monitor things as well.



2. Immediate communication to vast numbers of people.Mass
4. The device or means of sending the decoded message from sender to receiver. transmitter
6. Electronic media was born during this era. Industrial
8. News papers, radio and television are meant to do what? Inform
9. A received message only becomes communication if it is understood
10. Loud speakers or your monitor are examples of which part of the process of communication systems. Decoder
What type of system results in information and data transfer. Communication


1. Carrier or the pathway that transports the transmitted encoded message. Channel
3. Thermostats and timers are examples of what purpose for communication. Control
5. Simultaneous use of different media forms such as sound, graphics and text. Multimedia
7. Any collection of data. Information
11. Music, movies, sitcoms etc are forms of communication designed to do what? Entertain