Elem/Prin Assignment

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 This exercise is meant to make students think about the the principals of design and utilize what they learn in a practical application. Students will need to first make themselves familiar with the terms. For this project, 5 images are needed to produce a single creation. Imagine that you are creating something like a cd cover, ...something artsy, something fun. At the same time, remember that you must identify at least 2 obvious principals/elements that you have incorporated into your work. It is recommended that you take simple pictures of mainly innate objects that will give you shapes, patterns and textures to manipulate in Photoshop. Oh look, I just used a couple of element words. Of course the terms have to relate to your final product after you have manipulated the original photos in Photoshop. This is an opportunity to make use of the many filters, adjustments and light settings.

Below are two student samples.


Before After


Project requirements:

20%= (format) folder with originals, titled, dated, credited finished product in word doc with write up.
15%= connect to principles & elements
25%=complexity and depth of usage
25%= overall result