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I M A G E   E D I T I N G   D E M O S


Double click the thumb nail, then save this image to your account by right clicking on the image, then clicking "save picture as". Save it to your account, or the desk top

Flip image 

(a)   Open photo shop by clicking on the icon on the desktop, or by going to the start menu, then "Adobe", "Photoshop CS". Once the program launches, click "open" and find the above image and load .

(b) Click "view", then "Fit on Screen" to be able to view the image on the screen.

(c)  First thing you will notice is that the image is upside-down.  We will fix this by clicking "image"->"rotate canvas" -> "180o Degrees"
NOTE: Before you get too far, you should make a copy of your image which is now called your background. To do so, simply hold down the left button while over the background layer and drag it down to the new layer button. 


(a)   There are a couple of people walking along the beach in the bottom right corner that you might want to take out of the picture so we are going to crop this picture up. Use "selection tool" in your tool bar menu (it is noted by the dashed border) Outline the area you wish to have as part of your image, excluding the two walking on the beach.

(b)   Click "image"->"Crop" will crop the image to your selection area


Image Resizing Exercise

(a) Click on "image"

(b) Click on "image size"  

(c)    Change to 500 pixels in width – you will notice that the height also changes this is because the option ‘Constrain Proportions’ (located in bottom left corner of menu) is turned on.  With this option off it allows us to adjust the height without the width (and vice versa). To see the difference, let’s turn this off and adjust the width to 300 while leaving the height alone.  You will notice the image distorts! Don't panic, simply  click "edit"->"Undo" to return back to your previous state

(d)   Click "image"->"Image Size "->type in"500" – make sure ‘constrain proportions’ is turned back on. 

NOTE: Remember, a small image cannot be increased in size without loosing some quality.   However you can always reduce an image without loosing image quality.

Add Matting
(canvas size)

Presently your image and your canvas ( which is your working space) are both the same size.
Click "
Image"->"Canvas Size" – increase the height to 500 pixels (you want the canvas size to increase in both directions so leave the current Anchor settings as default) Also change the width to 650 pixels as well.
NOTE: The white square/anchor setting indicates the location of your image in reference to the direction in which your canvas will be altered.

 Now you should see your original background as a backup, your working image layer  open (eye). Click on the coloured border around your picture using your magic wand and copy. Now  make a "New Layer" and paste the matting to the new layer. Once you do that, turn off the background layer by clicking on the eye. You will see the 3 layers in your layer menu.

Add Border & Text
(This is where you make your picture unique and have some fun)

(a)   (a)  Use the Eye Dropper Tool to Select a color out of the sunrise so that you can paint your border to match your image. If you alter your background color and choose a second color from your image, you can use your gradient tool to make your matting even cooler. Now double click on that layer and you will get a menu that will allow your matting become 3D by checking "bevel & emboss", etc. experiment with the numerous options.

  (b)  Add Text to your image using the Text Tool. A new layer is added automatically as soon as you start typing. While in this mode, you get a text tool bar at the top of the page where you can change the font, size, color and if you "click" on the "warp text" button you can bend and distort your text. When you are happy with the look, "click" "enter". Like as in any layer, if you double click on that layer you get options to change the look. You must click "enter" to continue once you are happy with the look. Also if you Choose "filters" in the main menu, you get another host of altering effects.