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FLMV 12 is all about telling a story, with a desired message, while making an impression through film/video.  It is not about grabbing a camera to entertain others by videoing random spontaneous silliness or people performing stunts for the camera. Students will learn to produce impressive and entertaining footage, but through a calculated  effort to produce effective results for a targeted purpose.

Did you ever hear two people tell the same joke and one had everyone nearly busting a gut while the other is lucky to get a groan from anyone. It's all about the delivery. The content is one thing, but the added boost you get with crafted visuals and sound does far more than support the content, it makes it.

This a dynamic course that is very much subject to change depending on the imagination of students and opportunities that may present themselves.  The course requires some self discipline and continuous input by the students who wish to succeed. "Steady wins the race", as they say. Typically, students will be broken into groups/film companies that will last the duration of the semester. They will develop an identity for their group by coming up with a group name like "BJO Productions" or "Dragon Studios".  They may have their own insignia and theme music etc. Unless an individual or group receive the approval for an alternative project or project requirement; the following will stand as the outline for each group:

Group Projects Individual Assignments
Scary Movie or Remembrance                       Oct 24th Independent Video                                                                 Nov 7th
Animation                                                             Oct 30th Special Effect assignment                                                    Dec 5th
Commercial for a Cause                                   Nov 20th Foley assignment                                                                    Dec 18th

Short Film                                                             Dec 18th

News Broadcast <<each person in a group is responsible for an individual aspect of the collective news broad cast.                                                            
one elective                                                          Jan 15th Theory tests << there will be 3 theory tests administered over the 2 terms.
Click on each for the outline. There are options for a group to agree to decide which exercise they wish to do as a group and which do do individually between the Independent video and the commercial for a Cause.

Individually, students will start off with the theory to support the hands on activities. This will be broken down into 3 Acts which translates into 3 important tests for each act.