Act 1

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Lights, camera, action! Well, not exactly, or at least, not exactly in that order. Act One consists of 3 scenes/units, that are meant to prepare students in film production up to the point of the actual editing process. Act Two is all about the post film process of video productions. However, there are elements of the editing process to consider during the filming of a video for best results and best practice. As a result, some editing fundamentals will be tied to video composition in Act One. In other words, if you know what you are going to do with the footage you are taking, you can save time and best choose how to take your shots.  This way you can better utilize the camera and so-0n. It's sort of like putting the cart before the horse, not physically of course. It is in knowing the the cart and it's purpose so you can better chose the right horse and know the best way to treat it. After all you would not want to take Cinderella to the ball in a coal cart, nor would you use or abuse a race horse to do the heavy work meant for a Clydesdale....I hope.

We will be using the following site for the premise for much of our theory of this program: