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Start it off like a movie with a big intro and finish with a credit section like in the movies. This gives more editing opportunity/practice and gives it a little more pizzazz. The commercial will actually be timed between the intro and the closing credits. top 10 best commercials of all time

Your "commercial for a cause" may be selected from any cause ranging from harassment or bullying, to recycling or pollution, to inclusion and acceptance of everyone. Healthy life styles provides many topics such as how to look at our eating habits, hygiene, smoking, drugs and alcohol. Even ways to view good study habits, TV and internet usage could fall under Healthy lifestyles. You decide whether you are to advocate for the environment, cultural awareness, public safety or social issues, then decide on a specific message and a means of getting that message across. This link could help to give you some ideas for a Cause.

Project process and requirements:

A.) Individual brainstorming/pre-production development exercise.

  • Each person <on their own> will come up with  a  "commercial for a cause" proposal.
  • The proposal is to be a formal document that will consist of 2 parts; An outline/project intro and storyboard script. It will be presented in project format.....Title page, etc.

    NOTE: Your proposal has to be a potentially manageable undertaking. In other words, something that could be done with the available resources at our disposal.... for example: if your commercial is a message against drunk driving and you want the viewer to imagine an accident;  obviously no one is going to smash a car, you will use the storyboard to show how you are going to have them "see" the crash or imagine a crash has happened. Perhaps a black screen with sound........the car may go around the corner, out of site and you hear the crash......
  • ALSO NOTE; if there is a topic important to you, and you are not sure of the solution or the policies that apply, perhaps that is an indicator of the importance of pursuing with this endeavor. Check it out and share what you have learnt.

    Once each individual chooses a cause and they do their research, they will write up a cover page outline, introducing, as well as describing their proposed project. Content will :

            > describe the cause or problem, and any interesting and/or supporting stats etc.
            > Why it is important and/or why you chose this topic
         > What is your message??
            > a general overview on how you will get your message across.....the setting or plot, is it animated, black and white...., basically, the story and the method to get your point across)

  • Next:  fill out the appropriate number of storyboard sheets  that would be used as the script and production blueprint.
            > Draw a rough sketch of "the shot" at the beginning of each sequence ( they may be simple stickman, but they must    represent the   shot. eg: draw a head shot if it is supposed to go to a head shot,) and/or any special shots that have an important purpose.   
            > fill in the script or dialogue to accompany each sequence
            > provide action/notes to explain the action or activity during the sequence.
            > Indicate any transitions or special effects.
  • Remember to include actual contact phone # and website for help or more information etc, appropriate for ad. 

This part of the project is to be passed in to be accessed on an individual basis.

B.) Group film production activity.

  • Now as a group you will choose a final cause from within the group's collection of proposals. (Max group size is 4) you may need more for acting only)
  • The group will choose "a director". Everyone will be assigned responsibilities/jobs that will show up in the credits. 
  • I am the producer, and will expect my director to report to me and keep me up dated. The director will also insure that everyone will always assume or be assigned to some sort of responsibility and have something to do.
  • The group will then prepare, shoot and edit for a final product  AS A TEAM. This means "team work not shift work!!!"

This activity will go through a group evaluation process that will result in individual marks that should reflect everyone's input into the production of the "commercial for a cause".

Bulling (student sample)
 <<Click  (Final product)