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This assignment is your opportunity to pull together everything that you have learned in the previous assignments. Your production company is responsible for hosting one weekly Dalbrae News program. You are to shoot and edit a 5 minute (minimum) long news broadcast. Everyone is given the schedule well in advance of their telecast to give them time to come up with an appropriate  intro and to research and develop stories.

Each broadcast has to reflect a weekly look back on the events leading up to the Thursday Showtime. However, it is not limited to stories of that week alone. In fact, a news story could actually be something you might use for a global project for example, or something you covered prior to the lead up week or a story that has been on going for some time. This will also be the opportunity to televise your "commercial for a cause" and/or your "animation", and/short feature. You can chose how and where to introduce them.  For example; you could show your animation as an entertainment aspect of the news. 

The informative and entertainment value gives purpose to this assignment, but remember, when it comes to the purpose of this course; the focus is on the technical and aesthetic aspects of the piece;....shot composition, sound bite selection, use of Video Overlays, Green screen and "supers", pace, and overall editing technique , .....this is where the weight is placed.

 Like any television news piece, you should make an attempt to find the visual aspects of the story.  Also, you need to shoot at least one interview.  Often during an interview, it is necessary to incorporate some cutaways.

Your Broadcast must include:

Somewhere in your show your are to:

NOTE: Final project is to be made as an AVI file and submitted on the orange portable hard drive.

Alternative Project Possibilities:

There are other options where by you could incorporate a rant like Rick Mercer as a major part of your news. Perhaps you might do a documentary instead of a news broadcast. Of course any deviations from the format must be authorised prior to going ahead.