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Sample project:, This clip demonstrates how foley artists use their imagination to produce the sounds you perceive as being something quite different. As he shows us: often common, inexpensive items and tricks can produce on demand the substitute sounds for otherwise large, dangerous, or difficult real life sounds. Even without the visual support of video or film, foley can be very convincing and played a big role in radio drama.  Remember, a Foley's job is to produce sounds that make the clip more believable and/or more captivating.

Animation's auditory complement is totally made up of sound effects and voice-overs. The video below illustrate just how important the foley and mixing is in animated production. It makes it believable let alone entertaining:

Foley/Mixing Effect Assignment 

The fist thing to do,
is to create a folder in data "D" to save the 4 necessary components of this assignment'

A) Your original footage, B.) Your Pinnacle Project, C.) Your final "avi", and D.) Your write up doc.

To see a good sample of "C" & "D", "CLICK">>>    


  1. your original footage,

  2. your Pinnacle project

  3. final exported AVI version

  4. a word doc write-up