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Light has 3 main characteristics:

-Type, either hard or soft
- color, 3 general colors are white, bluish and orangey/reddish 

In a way, all three characteristics are determined by the light source.





  1. This pencil is lit with _______________________(what kind of light).
  2. __________________________________ is the commonly used unit of measure for the amount of energy consumed by a television lighting instrument.
  3. Which puts out "soft" light? __________________________
       a.)  scoop     b.)   Fresnel 


  4.  The color of sunlight is _______________________________, While florescent light cast a

    ________________________________ hue.
  5.  The color of light from candles, as in incandescent (household) light, is _____________________________.
  6. Color temperature is measure in units abbreviated as "K." What does "K" stand for?____________________________
  7. These concentric rings are the tell tale sign of a ___________________________________.
  8. Why would you slide a light forward in a Fresnel?
  9. How are HMI lights unique?

  10. What do you call this lighting attachment? _____________________________

  11. A scrim is designed to:

  12.  What is a gel?

  13.  In this shot, the subject’s shoulders blend into the background. What is needed here? >>>>>>>>>>>

  14. Bouncing a light off a white ceiling does what?

  15. Identify and explain the "three light setup".

  16. What are at least three ways to make sure the fill is less bright than the key?




  17. How might you solve the negative hard light effects given off from the sun in the middle of a summer day on medium and close-up shots  (3 potential solutions)



  18. T      F       Keep subject close to background/wall
  19. T      F      Make sure the background is neutral (like a blank wall)

    20.  Describe “soft” light


    21. Which is the commonly used unit of measure for the amount of energy consumed by a television lighting instrument?

                A) Lux

                B) Hertz

                C) Watts

                D) Decibels

                E) Amps  

    22. The color of the light coming from a candle is:

                A) Red

                B) Blue

                C) Green

                D) Cyan

                E) Magenta

      23. Why would you slide a light backward in a Fresnel?

                A) Create harder light

                B) Create softer light

                C) Protect the lamp

                D) Make the light brighter

                E) “Zoom” in on the subject.    

    24.   Which is a function of the fill light?

    A)        Soften shadows created by the back light

    B)         Minimize shadows caused by the key light

    C)        Provide the primary illumination of the object

    D)        Add sparkle to the subject’s eyes

    E)         Separate the subject from the background

    25. Why would you use a bounce card?