Act One Pretest 1

Home Up Pretest 1 Answers

1) . The person is sometimes called the director of photography. Their job entails everything   from measuring the light, to lining up a shot, and determining the best camera angles.

            a) camera operator
            b) cinematographer

            c) first assistant director

2). The name given to the head electrician.

            a) Best boy

            b) key grip

            c) gaffer

3. The person that works on the sound effects after the shoot.

            a) foley

            b) sound mixer

            c)  cinematographer

4.  The overseer of the hiring of actors and technicians, as well as scrip development and finances.

            a) key grip

            b) director

            c) producer

5.  Who determines the look of the film from the lighting, to the shots and even the lenses?

            a) camera operator

            b) cinematographer

            c) set designer

 6)  Which is NOT a commonly used industry synonym for “wide shot”    

            a) Far shot

            b) Long shot

            c) Establishing shot

  7) About where on a human body should a “medium shot” be framed?

            a). neck

            b). armpits

            c). waist

            d). knees

            e). feet

8.) Which transition is used the most by professionals?____________________________

9) Professional camera operators realize that the key to a good shot is to:

            a) Stay back and remain unobtrusive

            b) Get as close as possible

            c)  Zoom to add interest

            d) Pan to add interest  

10) To make someone appear dominant, you would use a:

            a). Low angle shot

            b). High-angle shot

            c). Eye-level shot

11). In a particular sequence, you have a wide shot of a man with a hammer striking a nail. You also have a close-up shot of exactly the same action. If you were editing the sequence, where would be the best place for the edit?

            a) Just BEFORE he begins the motion to strike the nail.

            b) Just AFTER her strikes the nail.

            c) In the middle of the nail-striking motion

            d) Either A or B would be correct.

            e) Any of three options would be equally effective.

12).What is the name of the rule designed to help shooters solve the problem of objects reversing their screen direction?


   The  _______________________________________   Rule  

13) how best shoot apposing action?

14) What is a good practice to consider for long sequences?

!5) What are 4 good tips for shooting close ups?