Act one Pretest 2

Home Up Pretest 2 Answers

1)  A copy of a digital tape is commonly called a   ______________________.


2)  A (analog) video signal that  keeps the red, green and blue image SEPARATE is called:

                        A) Composite

                        B) Component

                        C) Compartment

                        D) Complement

3)  For analog recordings, when you make a copy of a copy of a copy, the picture degrades. This is called:



4) Identify the cables below by Writing their name below each picture.




5) Your subject is standing in front of a window. The camera’s automatic exposure is confused and gives you a silhouette of the subject. To solve the problem, you should:

            A) Tell your subject to act “bright.”

            B) Turn the automatic exposure to manual and open the aperture

            C) Turn the automatic exposure to manual and close the aperture

            D) Turn the camera off and then back on again

            E) Use the "backlight" button.


6)   T      F      Shoot interview primarily in an establishing shot



7Which best describes Steadicam technology

            a) A series of computer-controlled gears and pulleys

            b) A counterbalanced articulated arm

            c) An electric-powered gyroscope


8)  Identify the 3 main types of heads used to mount your camera to a tripod and what essentially makes the difference in how they perform.





9)  Describe the difference in how composite and component signals .handle the 3 colours that produce all the colours we interpret on our screen.




10) What are 2 examples of each an analog and a digital format.





11) Why is that digital format has all but replaced analog?


12)  What are the 3 main characteristics of light?




13) Illustrate and explain "The 3 light setup.




14) What are at least three ways to make sure the fill is less bright than the key?





15) How might you solve the negative hard light effects when shooting inside? (3 potential solutions)