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This assignment is a Flash presentation to be saved as an AVI, "Remembranceday" video presentation that is intended to be utilized,  and to add variety and meaning to our annual Remembranceday ceremonies here at Dalbrae Academy. As a result of the noble purpose of this exercise, it is imperative that we keep our audience in mind, while doing our country proud, and not only keep things in good taste, but maintain a high level of social representation and responsibility. I encourage you to display your Canada using an imagination as vast and as diverse as our landscape and the people that occupy it.

You are to try to visually portray Canada's effort to fight crimes against humanity all over the world since we have become a nation. The best approach is to decide on a theme, concentrate on particular aspects or the role Canada plays, or on our community's involvement in war. It is important to choose an appropriate song or songs to accompany your presentation.

You have seen student samples where:

  • Local vets pictures were supper imposed on video footage of the very type of division of which they had fought

  • evolutionary historical account through the different wars with statistical accounts of those who had fallen

  • links are made between then and now, our vets and our youth, sacrifice and freedom

You should plan your own project. Find or produce your music that  sends, or at least supports, the message you want to send. You must acquire appropriate pictures and video, then marry the images and the music together. Once you decide on your theme, what you want to say, collect your music and imagery, you can begin your Flash project.

  As a multi media project, you are required to:

  •  first, on it's own layer, place your music into your flash project

  • Identify/credit your music, title, artist and source

  • import your pictures and video clips into your Flash library

  • you must insert pictures and video timely into your project with good effects

  • you will have to capture at least one (analog) VHS video clip and make use of it into your project

  • Any clips you use from the internet will have to be large and/or high def.

  • Your stills must be large and of quality as well

  • make use of some kind of clear text, either as stats or a message

  • You will have to produce a screen cam on a single task in Flash

You have at your disposal various VHS tapes, 8mm tapes, CD's and DVD's. You can record from your TV. You have the internet. The more different kinds of sources you utilize will add value to your project. Using other things such as Photoshop or other software will also add value.

Finally, you must submit a summary report that describes problems and solutions you experienced doing this project. include your feelings surrounding the project, as well as a bibliography.

Below are some links to some related" Canadian imagery" as well pertinent information. Remember to keep a record to all image and sound sources that you use.


20%= (format) folder with originals, credits, etc
20%= usage of various sources  
30%=clearity of message, theme, appropriateness
30%=overall result, , timing, flow