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There are levels of complexity and imagination tied to this assignment. The more novelty, complexity and/or believability you build into your effect, the more it is worth. You have been shown "Ryanassic Park" and "The Flying Student", As well as "Honey I shrunk The Student". For more ideas, Google effects and find something interesting, challenging and/or something new for us. There are different ways to produce similar effects. For example: The first student sample below was actually accomplished by using Photoshop and reducing the opacity frame by frame. You can produce the same effect in a very short time using Pinnacle if you do a video overlay, cut up your clip and gradually adjust the transparency in the chroma keyer. Sometimes there may be hiccups that prevent you from getting the results you want for whatever reason, things are not working or you are not getting the quality you want. That is why it is good to know other means to accomplish similar desired results. The sample below along with the samples mentioned above are weighed high because of their complexity, time to produce, novelty (1st to do so) and the quality of the result.

Fade effect


We have this disc at your disposal: http://www.tubetape.net/servlet/the-13/background-backdrop-2500/Detail
Watch the video and see the difference in the mood and so on results from changing the background.

We also have a DVD on Chromakey tips and there are tons of links to help online.

You could make really cool intros using "Blender". There are all kinds of tutorials and templates on line.




Pinnacle  Tutorials

Video overlays -cropping, scaling

Green screen

black and white verses old film

fast and slow motion