Add a Shadow

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            Adding A Shadow


Step 1-a
Click Insert - select Layer.

Step 1-b
Select the new layer.

Step 2
Drag the new layer below the first layer.

Step 3
In the timeline above right-click on Frame 11, select Insert Keyframe.

Step 4
Click the Dot on the first layer that is under the lock symbol. This will prevent the first layer from beign altered.

Step 5
Draw a black oval similar to the image above. Creating the look of a shadow.

Step 6
Right-click on frame 20 an insert a keyframe.

Step 7
In frame 20 drag the shadow away from where the ball bounced.

Step 8
Right-click on the keyframe at frame 20 and select Copy Frames

Step 9
Select the first frame in the shadow layer, right-click and select Paste Frames

Step 10
Right-click between frame 1 and 10, select Create Motion Tween

Step 11
Right-Click between frame 10 and 20 and select Create Motion Tween

Step 12

Right-Click on frame 20 and select Create Motion Tween.

Now Select Frame 1 and press Enter to watch your animation.