Bouncing Ball

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           Bouncing Ball Tutorial   


Step 1 After opening a movie, begin by selecting the Oval tool.

Step 2 Create a ball near the top of your stage by left clicking on the desired location and releasing the button when you have the desired shape and size


If you want to add a quick 3D effect, click on "swatches", choose a gradient  such as the one below:

Then, choose your paint bucket in the toolbar and click on your ball.

Step 3 Right click on the frame your ball is in.

After you have right clicked > go to "create motiontween" in the drop down menu. {It is at the very top of the menu}

Notice the blue highlight containing the ball

Then go to frame 10 and right click on the frame  and "insert key frame" [F6]

With frame 10 selected and your "motion tween" created go to your stage and click on your ball. Drag the ball to your desired position at the bottom of the page.

 Make sure that frame 10 was selected!
 Push enter and watch your ball move.

Step 4

To make the illusion of compression when hitting the floor, right click on frame 10 once again and create another motion tween. Notice that an arrow between frame 1 & 10 (in the blue area) represents the 1st motion tween.

Now, click on "modify", "transform" and "scale"

This will allow you click on the center top square, and while still hold down you mouse button, push the ball/ distort the ball.

You will then want to click out side the ball to get rid of the scale command and click back on the ball and drag it back to the bottom of the page.

Now right click in frame 14, insert a "keyframe". Hit enter to see the ball fall and hit the floor.

Step 5 (the wrap up)

 Now with these same skills to make the ball return to it's original location by working backwards through the above steps. Begin with a motion tween from frame 14 to make the ball round ( using the scale command once again) and another to bring the ball back up to the top of the page.