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 This exercise is meant to make students think about the the principals of design and utilize what they learn in a practical application. Students will need to first make themselves familiar with the terms. For this project, 5 images are needed to produce a single creation. Imagine that you are creating something like a cd cover, ...something artsy, something fun. At the same time, remember that you must identify at least 2 obvious principals/elements that you have incorporated into your work. It is recommended that you take simple pictures of mainly innate objects that will give you shapes, patterns and textures to manipulate in Photoshop. Oh look, I just used a couple of element words. Of course the terms have to relate to your final product after you have manipulated the original photos in Photoshop. This is an opportunity to make use of the many filters, adjustments and light settings.

Below are two student samples.


Before     After

Dec 14, 2012

Reflecting on My Soul
Little Nelley MM12

I started this project with some basics that I picked up from the exercises leading up to this assignment. Between that and the "howto" folder, I had enough to get me going..... To tell the truth; a lot of what I ended up with was by accident,.... experimentation and googling for ideas.... The coolest thing I discovered was..... One hard thing I couldn't figure out was ....

Although there is evidence of numerous principles and elements in my project, I highlighted the most obvious principle of design in my work; "balance". Balance is naturally illustrated through the symmetrical distribution of the images in my piece that results in a mirror effect of my siluette as I look into myself which just happens to be emphasised by the contrast of solid black against all of the fiery colours.

I think that "Shape" as  a primary element. There are circles and squares,. There is fiery organic shapes and of course, the shape of my face. The filters I used and light adjustments provided a range of value and colour....... By selecting the pot light and centering it in a square section  of the vent and playing with the opacity of the two layers they seem to become one. I also changed their look by using the blur filter and .....

Simple Explosion

I took 5 simple pictures that portrayed a variety of textures and patterns. I wasn't sure what exactly I was going to do with them, but by their very nature I was capturing the smooth texture of the bathroom tiles and wood cabinets, as well as the coarseness of the pillow and softness of the Duvet. At the same time they displayed natural patterns from the square Shapes of checked pillow, and that of the tilling, as well as the organic shapes of the duvet.

When I started messing with the pictures in PhotoShop, I managed to  unify the variety of pieces together at the centre and have them to appear to explode outwards by mostly  playing with the spherize and twirl distortion tools in PhotoShop. The result is a sort of rhythmic out flowing of a variety of colours and textures that I find fun and pleasing to the eye.

The hardest part was figuring out what to do with my pictures. There was no big plan. I first cropped them down, then I just started playing around with the filters to see what would happen to them. I actually started over a few times because I didn't like the results, but as I began to understand how the filters worked and how they would affect my pictures, I gained some control of the final result and had some fun with them.

Nov 20, 2014                 
By: Little Johnny MM12



Project requirements:

App breakdown of evaluation:

15%= (format) folder with originals, titled, dated, credited finished product in word doc with write up.
15%= connect to principles & elements
30%=complexity and depth of usage of filters and effects and images
30%= overall result