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To the left are 4 small tutorials to get you going with flash. You certainly want to do the ball and shadow tutorials @





<<< This is a student sample of what you could produce using flash





The web wasp is really good for ideas and learning how to get started. Click on the Webwasp button.

You can see that there are well over a hundred free tutorials to get you going. "Click" on Beginners. There, right at the top, you will see 2 of the most common features you will likely use; Motion Tweening  & Shape Tween. These are only the tip of the iceberg. The more you explore and incorporate into your flash project, the more it will be worth. Your are encouraged  to seek and discover other facets of flash to help make your final project more sophisticated. You will also notice that your understanding of pixels from photoshop carries over as that is how you are going to measure the size of your images. The same applies to when we start webpage design.






Exercises Flash Music Video Remember Project Oh Canada