Before we begin, let's check out this video:
Did you know video


Exercise: Produce an updated PowerPoint presentation similar to the the video above.

In case you didn't realize and/or hopefully you will soon find out; multimedia is a product of digitalization. Digitalization is a technological advancement that has very rapidly and effectively took over our world with it's many possibilities.  Already the stats in the video above are out dated as the changes in our world since digitalization has taken over are growing at an exponential rate. Current numbers of devices sold, the kinds of devices, the amount of people connected and money involved is growing as I write this.  You might come to realize that empires such as "Blockbuster" (video stores) and "Sam the Record man" have been swallowed by the effect of the internet. Our own pulp mills in NS, the world over for that matter, are being mothballed because of the internet and it's affect on society. As always, there is a cost to technology and change which should never be overlooked.

Your presentation will:

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