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Due Date: Jan 10

You actually have a choice between doing a
 2 1/2 to 3 minute rant or a 4 minute interview.

This project will require you to make use of a MS Word, digital recorder, FL Studio or Mixcraft, and perhaps Audacity. If you down load sound effects such as applause, crowd laughter or other noises, you will have to credit the source by including where you found the sounds in your written submission.

It is probably necessary to research people's backgrounds an/or topics, as well as good and bad practices prior to under proceeding with your choice of project. You will likely have to sign out the recorder and perhaps make arrangements to book a recording space.  As usual, everything to do with your project should be imported and/or saved in a folder named to identify your project on data "D" of the computer that you work on each day!! Use Mixcraft or Audacity to edit your dialog, mix and add special sound effects.  Your final project should have any pauses and irrelevant noises cut and an MP3 version of the final project saved in your folder.

In either case you need  a min of 3 tracks:

  1.  a short intro and exit/segue theme instrumental using FL Studio, Mixcraft or some other original mix.

  2. some kind of verbal intro, body and exit.

Choice A) The Rant

The rant made popular by Rick Mercer, requires a musical intro and exit.

Student Sample: <<<<Click the radio to listen

Choice B) The Interview


1.) Select an interesting subject with a good story to tell.

2.) Do proper research 

3.) Insure flow smoothly from start to finish by preparing point form list to follow.

4.)  For interviews, Follow up on interesting responses and allow spontaneity .

5.) Audio has to be easily heard and clear. Use a hand held mike and sit close to your subject so that you may move your mike back and forth with little effort.

         You will be graded on overall technical merit, and the quality of your questioning technique.

 As in all IT tech projects; you should open a file on Data "D", call it something to identify you or your project. Put/save everything related to your project in that folder. When you are done, transfer that folder to the orange portable hard drive.