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You will likely be producing this exercise using Microsoft Word (a word processor for the written portion) and MixCraft (audio mixing software) You could use FL Studio, and Audacity. You can record straight into the computer or utilize a voice recorder to later import the file. If you make use of a recorder or other sound sources be sure to import these audio files as MP3's to make things easy. As usual, everything to do with your project should be imported and/or saved in a folder named to identify your project on data "D" of the computer that you work on each day!! Use Mixcraft or Audacity to edit your dialog, mix and add special sound effects.  Your final project should have any pauses and irrelevant noises cut and an MP3 version of the final project saved in your folder.

You may do this project with a partner, just insure that you know the difference between team work and shift work! Again you have choice. You may focus on a jingle, or produce a commercial with just a musical intro and/or background. Jingle houses are common in most major centres. A jingle isn't just a catchy little tune. They are an intricate part of radio commercials. There is an art to writing effective jingles. Try to create a “Hook” or something strong to promote your product and attract consumer attention. Music can be a hook in itself. Even if you aren't going to rely on the jingle to be the connect, you have to build in something else "to set the hook",  a phrase, a familiar sound or luring innuendo.

Step1. First of all, try to think of what commercials stick in your mind and write them down. Then actually listen to several radio commercials and give a short report on what catches your attention from these and/or your favourite or otherwise remembered commercials. Is it the music, the script, the product, the voice, etc? Does the music enhance the product? Is it distracting? Do you walk away humming the tune? Is it memorable? Hand in a short summary of your findings.  (250-300 words/app 1 pg)

 Due: Thurs, Jan 14 

Step 2. Prepare a script and/or storyboard for your commercial by:

 Due: Thurs, Jan 17

 Step 3. The Actual Production

The music could be recorded live using Audacity or Mixcraft. You can produce tracks online or using the MixCraft library as well as fruity loops tracks, as long as you do not use pre-recorded music (copyright issues here). 
You can folly your own sounds and background noises.

This project is to be a radio commercial incorporating:

 Due: Thurs, Jan 24

1.)    A written reflection (step 1)                                                                            (20)___

2.) The plan (step 2)                                                                                                (20)___

3.)    The final production   (step 3)                                                                        (40)___

4.)    Process evaluation, use of class time.                                                        (20)___


Student Sample Below: (note this is only a sample. Your project may not look exactly the same, For example; you may do your write up in more of a step form format, with a story board within a table.)

<<<<Click the radio to listen

 Step 1        

 Radio Commercial Project Step One

Little Johnny Dec. 14, 2010

             The commercials that especially stick out in my head are ones with certain jingles and ones with good humour. Commercials obviously have to be a good fit for the product and the customers. In my world, the radio and television commercials like  Greco pizza, work very well where they have a fun jingle where they sing the phone number; 3-10-30-30. It is a simple hook,  and almost everyone that has heard it, knows it. It is repeated so often and it has a simple catchy ring to it. I don't know how anyone than can forget that number. I think the  rhythm of the music enhances the thought of certain products for sure. It makes me remember the product a lot better, especially when you hear it a lot. You associate the product with the familiar tune.. Sometimes a person can crave or want a product just from hearing jingles like McDonalds or the old A&W root bear ads. Even when I hear people humming or singing the tunes around the mall or school  ..."At McDonalds", I get hungry just hearing it. Some commercials I can recognise just from the voice, like the lady who does the commercials for Sobeys on 101.5 the Hawk. Now that I think of it; I wonder which I Iiked first; the commercial or the food? It is like which came first the chicken or the egg.

Sometimes, it is the funny ones that hook me, when something gives me a good laugh,...I like it,... and I tell people about it. The commercial is really working then, because the message starts spreading though the people who hear it. For example; I get a kick out of the 2 old guys that do the TD commercials. It probably doesn't hurt that the same commercials are on TV, that helps supply the visual in my head. It also saves the company money by not having to produce to different commercials for the two different mediums. I actually find myself waiting for the next new one to see what the old guys are going to say next. The humour is dry and intelligent, and you get the message they want you to hear at the same time. It is sort of like playing road hockey to exercise. You concentrate on the game instead of the exercise, but you get the exercise. Otherwise, you might not run for the exercise, because all you would have to focus on is the running, and there is no fun in that for me.

                       Although most commercials are annoying and make you change the station, some of the simpler and sillier ones stick out to me personally because I think I have a good sense of humour. Even simple and silly commercials need be highly intellectual at the same time in order to be effective. It is a fine line between perceived as funny and/or worth listening to, and being shallow and/or cheap.

  Step 2

The product I am selling is cars. My obvious target audience would be adults who can drive. I plan to hook them with a little humour and a fun, upbeat  (eventually stick in your head kind of...) familiar tune that I will produce in FL Studio. I'm hoping that the customers will gradually make the association to great prices and attractive car lot.  To assist the emphasis on the things to remember, I will use eco and louder effects in Audacity for certain things.

It will be a 60 second commercial and it will have the potential to be cut back to a 45 second commercial. I see this with commercials. It will be more of a challenge, but I see how once you hear a commercial enough,  a shorter version seems to be just as effective, as it is more to the point and you can fill in the blanks if you wish,...not to mention it probably saves the company money through shorter air time. My humour at the end would get wore out if used too much, but might be funny for a while.


  Hewey’s Hyundai Script

<< intro music that becomes the background music

<<Hi, come on down to Hewey’s Hyundai<<Eco effect>>we got lots a deals for you this month,

Brand new 2010 Hyundai’s right off the lot, with monthly payments of only 225 a month!

Just swing by for one of these incredible deals you can’t afford to miss!

Get a brand new 2009 Hyundai Elantra for 179 a month! With no interest for 7 months and 2000 cash back!<<Eco effect>>

Just look for the “Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men!” on Kings Street Judique,

Hell, I will even let you keep the wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man if it’s on the car you buy!

What’s better then a new car and new wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man!

No other dealer is going to give these deals with this honesty.

C’mon really!

You have to buy from us… please

Ill even toss in my daughters bike

Just come on down to Hewey’s Hyundai <<Eco effect>>Kings Street Judique, please…

>>Fade out music <<

The yellow represents the cut out for the shorter version (bonus pts. Ha!)

Final product should include:


















Scoring Rubric: RTV-11 Radio Script Commercial Production Project    


Student Name: ____________________


Section 1: Quality & Technical Merit




1)    Script read clearly, with proper tone, pacing and emphasis




2)       Sound effects used to add emphasis and mood




3)       Production bed fits the mood  that the written script is trying to convey




4)       Quality of Audio (Vocals fit the bed, mixing is even, no outside noise)



Section 1

5)       Passed in on time




Total Possible Grade:






Section 2: Creativity & Originality of Script




1)    Originality of script (imaginative and original presentation)




2)       Creative use of language to paint a visual picture of the product




3)       Definite use of one of the advertising appeals




4)       Creativity of audio use (sound effects, outside voices, music selection)



Section 2

5)       Dramatic elements used in vocal delivery




Total Possible Grade:




Final grade: Sum of Sections 1 & 2