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React/NSP Generating Tour
This was an interesting combination. We went to a green energy tradeshow/conference and toured a coal fired generating station in the same day. We learned some interesting things about green energy and the environment through the different speakers, various booths and displays. Despite all these fun and informative green activities, most found the Power plant tour to be the highlight

We had a whale of a time.

It was something to really sink your teeth into

We have the power! Once we got a brief orientation
and our safety gear, we ready
to check out the plant.
Our first stop was the control room. This is the home for the power engineers. There was lots of walking to do.

Next to the control room is the turbine. This is what actually generates the power.

Now that's
a hopper!
The machine shop and maintenance shops were really cool.
There is plenty to see outside as well. We saw where all coal comes in and wrapped up where power goes out.
All in all, it was an electrifying experience.


This was an interesting day with plenty to do. We participated in a structure building contest. There was a scavenger hunt with the various information booths and displays.
They fed us, there were prizes, we learned a lot about trades and work in our area....it was a good day.
There was an advisory panel consisting of employers, trades reps and post secondary educators. Students asked the panel questions and made comments via a familiar host.

NSCC Discovery Day

This was much like the Energy Skills day except it was for O2 students only
They meet faculty and people from industry who are there to enlighten students about their particular experiences and the opportunities within their line of work.

Students tour the facilities and see what the campus has to offer