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Our grade 11 O2 students toured New Page while our Grade 10 O2 students toured Point Tupper Generation Station

NewPage, once called Stora Enso as well as other names, is papermill in Point Tupper that many of our family and neighbours work for directly or indirectly. It is a major cog that keeps our local economy healthy.
Students were equiped with these
head sets so that we could hear
our tour guide through out the tour.
Our tour began in the yard where we went over various safety issues and general aspects of the operation.
The wood room was the point of entry
for the wood. This is where the logs are
 debarked and turned into chips.
It is a very noisy place.

We saw plenty of conveyors and climbed lots of stairs
We were up and down and all around the plant. One of the quieter places was in the controlrooms.
The machine shop had plenty of big cool toys, I mean machines.
PM2, the newsprint paper machine
is one big daddy machine that is connected to the super calendar machine which makes magazine paper
These giant app 40ft rolls of paper spinning over 35 miles/h end up being cut into shorter and smaller diameter rolls. They are then sent to the wrapper machine.
There is some pile of stainless steel in this machine. It is a very exciting process to witness. It was an awesome tour.

Point Tupper Generating Station 

The grade 11's were dropped off @ Stora Enso while the grade 10's made their way to NSP Generation Station, Point Tupper. As usual NSP gave a great tour. To see more of the power plant; check out last year or next.