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NSP Generating Station Point Tupper

After a presentation and safety prep we were off. These people are always very accommodating and wonderful hosts.
NSP is always promoting students to take up power engineering. It is something for the ladies as well as for the guys.
The place is full of pipes and valves, and all kinds of interesting equipment

It is not the best place for anyone afraid of heights because you may have to cross bridges like the one on the left, You will have to walk on steel grating floors where you may see someone walking under your feet a number of stories below you. You will have to climb plenty of stairs and walk along railed drop offs. Some of us find all that really cool, others not so much.


<<This is the conveyor that takes in the coal Our guide was great and everyone had a great time>>

NSCC Pictou Campus Tour

We traveled to NSCC Pictou Campus for a skills competition and open house. It was a first time visit for Dalbrae. We saw a number of cool and varied trades in action. NSCC is one college with numerous campuses scattered throughout the province. Although many campuses offer the same or similar courses, many campuses  specialize in an area and/or offer one of a kind programs within their course offerings.Below are just some of the things we got to see:  

Cosmetology cometitions

Culinary Arts


Heavy Duty Mechanic
They had machineshop competions on the go when we were there, both manual and CNC (Computer Numerical Control). The instructor as one of the judges used to work with Mr. MacInnis @ Michelin Tire.
We saw the carpentry shop is building sheds like us.
We learned that the auto mechanic program has a small enrollment. This is a bit scary as it is a field crying for workers. Who is going to fix our cars down the road and who will be able to afford to have their car fixed if this keeps up?
There was plenty to see and do. Some shops simply had displays, some had actual competitions going on, and others had activities for us to participate in.
Overall it was a fun day. Brendan looks like he is about to have a pipe wrench duo with a NSCC student, but that was just in fun.