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CB Tri-Post Ed Tours CBC/This Hour Irving/St.Marys
O2 Career day 2011

You know you are off to a great start when lots of people are winning prizes just for being there.
Some of us were wired for sound when we saw the electrical shop
We even saw former Dalbrae students in electrical and many other shops for that matter In fact, some of our mentors were former Dalbrae students.  
We got to make stuff to take home from the carpentry shop

I can't believe that came out of a Honda civic??

We did everything from culinary arts to Marine navigation

<<<<<Hey mom; look at what I made!!>>>>

Energy Skills

Girl power was
evident with group!!
Once we got our free "T" shirt and grab bag, we were ready for the meet & greet.  
In marine engineering,we mentored by a former CBHA Neighbour We also ran into some of our own alumina
One former Dalbrae'er even joined us for our free dinner. Then it was back to work/play.
Carpentry can be puzzling when you are making a puzzle. Welding is always a hot spot.
Mr. MacInnis is partial to the Machine shop just because he he taught machining   Power engineering and steam and pipe both put us to work.
We had to virtually drive her in the marine navigation simulators.  
We meet some friendly people in the Foresty program   Culinary arts was definitely the most tasty experience