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Port Hawkesbury Paper

First we were introduced to this new owner and the way it operates. In order to survive in today's paper market, things like producing sugar, super soil and power also have to be considered.
We quickly got to appreciate just how big the paper machine is.

With the introduction of PM-2 , over a billion dollars was invested in this mill to make it a high quality, fast and modern gloss paper and newsprint producer.
We saw just how important the relationship is between NSP and Port Hawkesbury Paper is when the price of power is checked hourly and the price determines if and when the mill will run what equipment. When we were in the control room, we saw the price drop from over $11,000/hr that morning, to just over $5.000/hr when we there. They decided to go from shutting down the one machine to starting up a second.

Port Hawkesbury Paper was very welcoming and a very interesting place to visit. It is something to think that they can proce a 40ft wide strip of paper that go go from there to New Glasgow is app one hour!!

NSP Generation Plant Point Tupper

We went next door to check out Port Hawkesbury Paper's partner, NSP.They are connected through the Biomass initiative. Their control room was older than the ones we saw next door, but they were being modernized as they rid of analog technology to digital.
It was dusty, after all they burn coal, but it was a cool place to see. Both places had plenty to see and learn about, and both places were very environmentally conscious. The other thing they both were very concerned about was SAFETY.

This was one place where you wouldn't want to be afraid of heights. We also got a good work out climbing stairs.

We had 2 great tours on this day. Both our hosts were very accommodating and informative. It was AWSOME!!