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This pic tweeted by titled" Loving the CBU swag !" and was taken at Cabot Links where students were enlightened with insights from Adrew Alkenbrack and reps from CBU about tourism and business paths that they may want to consider. Our tour @ Cabot kicked off in the conference room with very informative tourism/hospitality presentations by Cabot Links General Manager, Andrew Alkenbrack, followed by Faculty and a current local CBU student. They highlighted the wonderful opportunities out there, and how a person with a positive attitude, open mind and dive; could work in this area and/or anywhere in the world for that matter.
We took a stroll out on the golf course to admire the view. After working up an apitite, they treated us to a lovely snack in the beautiful upstairs "Panorama Restaurant" Then we peeked in their accommodations and this time got to admir the view inside and out. We wrapped up with a lunchin presentation in the Cabot Public House Resturant with PIZZA!!  

Master Chef Dalbrae 

NSCC's Chef Brooks Hart comes to Dalbrae to cook all day with our Food Prep students. We made pasta from scratch to start. Then we proceded to make:
  • Pasta al Pomodoro
  • Sauce Bolognese
  • Cappuccino - Toffee Crunch Ice Cream

Yum! Home made icecream

NSCC  Marine Day

Dalbrae Students must be very photogenic as they were featured all through "The Reporter's" coverage of Marine Day @ NSCC
<<<"Click" and see what I am talking about.



IMG_0049.JPG IMG_0043.JPG IMG_0059.JPG IMG_0052.JPG
  The navigation simulator was so cool. You could virtually sail different kinds of ships in any weather into harbours from all around the world.

They actually had us in knots....or at least tying knots.

IMG_0073.JPG IMG_0075.JPG


IMG_0035.JPG IMG_0040.JPG IMG_0018.JPG
The marine engineering simulator was a very expensive, but serios video game that challenges users with life like sinarios This is one big engine. They also put on a little water show for us that made quite a splash
We also got to see Marine Atlantic personnel getting fire training up at the fire school. IMG_0100.JPG IMG_0101.JPG IMG_0104.JPG We also met the challenge of the flag messaging game. All in all, we had a great day!! IMG_0091.JPG

  <<< Dalbrae's 2015 Energy Skills crew @ NSCC Strait Campus

It was an electrifying experience again this year, with
plenty of hands on activities. As you can; see these
students got "plugged in" as they got to make an extension
cord in the electrical workshop.
Everyone had to learn to navigate around the campus. Which is a place that is easy to loose your way. However, Navigating on the ship simulators was an awesome place to tour.

There were students there from other schools to meet...... ...as well as some Dalbrae alumni to show us the ropes.

Not only did we get a cool "T" shirt, but free lunch as well!

What about making your own dersert in culinary with a chef?? All of the instructors were very accommodating and helpful in giving us a little insight into various careers

There were so many things we got to do, from machining....

...to carpentry

... to pipefitting

... to welding

The Energy Skills experience is always a great experience. One that we look forward to each year.

Open House @ NSCC 

You know this is going to be a good
day when you line up for a gift back
when you get there.
Then to find out, not only will we be treated to free lunch, but throw on one of Mabou's own entertainers to boot.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
We were introduced to a whole range of shops/career choices Welding Cosmetology Pipefitting Cullinary Arts Restaurant Service

There was actually a lot to learn.

We had a lot of fun in the nursing department >>>>>

The grand finally was the wave pool show by the marine course students, especially when they turned off the lights.