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These initiatives provide a great learning experience for the students, and the fruit of their labour benefit the school and local community

"Click" on a pic to see some of the major projects that O2 students have undertaken through the years at Dalbrae CHECK OUT OUR SKILLS CANADA 2016 EXPERIENCE >>"Click">>

 Annual Community Service Project

The 2015/16 CBL 10 class continued a much valued annual community service of preparing the West Mabou Beach trails used to host the fall Dalbrae/Bayview Cross Country meet. These same trails are used by tourists and locals year round. A number of students also volunteered to help run the meet by working in the canteen, helping with traffic control, timing, spotting on the trails and so on.

<<<2016 Energy Skills @ NSCC Strait Campus

Our annual pilgrimage for this fun learning experience. Cool free "T-shirts, lunch and awesome activities; all makes for a great day every time.
The carpentry workshop is always a hit as students get to make a project with one on one help from NSCC students This day is very hands on.
Power engineering not only had to keep a real world boiler system working, but also had working miniature units that made for a really neat way to explain how they work.
Marine engineering has a machining side as well as the mechanical side. Tidal Energy is a new field. Here we got to test different shaped turbines for efficiency/power
Everybody got to make their own extension cord with the help of some future electricians.

There were other activities. Perhaps check out previous energy skill workshops from other years to see more.

<<< Off to 2016 NSCC Strait Campus Open House

Simular to Energy Skills, students are introduced to various tradessuch as Power Engineering.  This experience is more observation based, but there is some hands on

This is a good opportunity to see if you are cut out for Cosmetology Electrical is always an electrifying experience Wow! There is so much to see and do Here is a familiar face>>>>>
Carpentry is always a beehive of activity.

Hey Mom, look at what I made!!
Forestry and heavy equipment operator proved to be interesting and fun. The simulators were especially poular.

Another Free Lunch
....as well as a tour of the culinary facilities, The kitchen.
On the marine side, the main attractions were the marine engineering simulators, the marine navigation simulators and the wave pool demonstrations. The marine novigation simulators made you feel like you were truly on the bridge of a ship.
Below are some pictures from the survival drills including showing the helicopter dip used for off shore certification. Above is the marine engineering simulators. This $1K plus video game can duplicate any type of ship breakdown that cadets and officers must trouble shoot and get the ship running again.


Tech Workshops @ NSCC Pictou Campus

This was an awesome chance for some young women to try out some non tradional career options like....

Automotive Mechanic >

< Industrial Electrical ....as well as cabinet making.
In the machine shop, the girls not only got to see how a CNC (computer numerical control) machine worked, but they each got a keep sake as well. The machine was cutting out aluminum key chains for them to take with them.

 We also met up with a former Dalbrae grad in the machine shop

The highlight had to be when Kalicrusher cut a table in half with an excavator!
The girls actually got to make their own tool box in the carpentry shop which was pretty awesome!