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Once again our CBL10 students helped to prepare and run our very valuable Career Fair, "PLanting the Seed 2016". The CBL10 class helped perpare for this big day. This year, besides greeting our guests and helping them set up, our CBL10 class hosted a booth as well. They hosted a gyprock screwing opportunity.

We had other visitors visit our class like special guests from the deparment of fisheries and a local fisherman who came in to educate us about our local fishery industry and show us how to tie knots.


CBL 10 students interested in Trades went to Halifax and toured the Cape Scott Dock Yards in Halifax and attended a trade workshops at the Waterfront Campus in Darthmouth. Unfortunately were are not permitted to take pictures at the dockyards due to security issues. After all it is a navel base. However, everyone was very welcoming and sharing of their craft.

NSCC Open House

Like every year, this is a fun and informative experience that exposes students to a variety of career options.

NSP Tour

This is a great opportunity, not only to learn about how electricity is made, but to see different trades at work.

Mulgrave Machineshop


These guys work in construction and maintenance environments. They are specialists in producing giant tanks