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This year our CBL10 class took advantage of the generosity of a local high bush blueberry producer and picked a healthy batch of blueberries to support the breakfast program at Dalbrae. We tried a few samples while we were at it....just to test their freshness...and I must say; they were very tasty!! Later we went to the kitchen to make blueberry muffins for the breakfast program.

This year's CBL10 & the Career Dev 10 Classes continued the quest to bring our big project out back closer to completion.


Food Handler Course for both the Career Dev 10 & 11 classes Career Dev 11 students from both Dalbrae and Inverness had the opportunity to obtain traffic control certification which also put them on a data base for potential flagging calls for work down the road...pardon the pun.
The CBL students propitiated grapes grape vines for a potential vineyard We also planted apple and pear trees. Besides getting some farming exposure, the hope is that the grapes and other produce will eventually benefit our breakfast program.

Planting the Seed 2017 (our 9th annual)

This year our CBL10 class manned a hand sawing competition booth. Students from Dalbrae and Inverness learned that it is not as easy as it looks.

The traditional info sessions were a hit again this year. CBL10 were instrumental in insuring that our guests and students had a eventful experience once again. The Clove Hitch had the recepie to success in culinary Many others gave of their time to help us make informative decisions about our future.

Skills NS IT/Tech Workshops @ NSCC Pictou Campus

We were first assembled with students from numerous schools for a briefing, followed by informative round table talks with representatives from various trade and information Technology industries. Then we were off to our first workshop. Later we returned to the gym for PIZZA and cookies. We did a second workshop in the afternoon before heading home. It was an awesome day!

Automotive service was a popular workshop that was well represented by Dalbrae. CNC Machining brought drawing to reality. Our potential carpenters built themselves, or perhaps somebody at home, a tool box. We also had a chance to do some coding.

Short Trips

NSCC Strait Campus Open House << another fun and informative introduction to what the Strait campus has to offer.
It was like an information party. Free eats and registration for programs. Marine careers are a big part of this campus. We even got some hands on testing. They were more than willing to give us an electrifying experience. We also sampled some tasty treats while being enlighten to the different culinary programs.
Inverness County Student Job Fair<<Career Development students went to Inverness Academy to participate in an Inverness County student job fair

Inverary Manor<<Both the CBL10 then the Career Dev 10 class made a couple of trips to the manor to play cards with the residents. It was a great experience for both the students and the residents. Even with the training the students did to prepare, they had their hands full when they got there.
Bay View Farms

Right next door, this farm produces app 1600 litres of milk every 2 days from app 65 cows weighing upwards 1500lbs There is a lot of technology that is making life easier for the farmer and better for the cows. The cows actually line up for this Tim Taylor back scratcher
The cows also line up to milk themselves in one of 2 robot milking machines. This tractor uses GPS to automatically drive itself in perfectly straight lines when planting As the cows sift through the feed, this robot goes around pushing the feed back in so that the cows can reach it. These are the teenage cows
In order for cows to produce milk, they have to calve. These calves become the next generation.The calves were so cute. A Dalbrae student working there helped us catch one. Even with all the technology, a big farm like this requires a number of people to keeps things running. So, it it a source of employment in the community.
NSP Point Tupper Generation Station We were first enlightened with interesting facts about NSP & this facility. This plant that started as oil fuelled then coal and now gets some power from biomass. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that one of our tour guides was a newly hired former Dalbrae student. He did his co-op here in power engineering, and now he has gone the distance by landing a good job here at home doing what he set out to do.
We checked out the tiniest of details. There are numerous trades required to run the plant. Mr. MacInnis said that Machinists were the cream of the crop.
Look up, way up. This tower is scheduled to be imploded. This place was not great for anyone afraid of heights. We saw a number of great vantage points  
Port Hawkesbury Paper Like the power plant, we started with a great presentation that helped us understand the history of this mill and it's present operation It was amazing to learn the relationship between NSP and the mill. The mill requires so much electricity that NSP sometimes have to ask them to cut down on production. This morning, the mill was consuming more power than PEI
It is a massive operation. See the guy on the trike. It is hard to believe that PM2 is considered to be one big machine. There was  some hands on in a way. We felt the product samples from one end of the process to the other.
Of course there is plenty of tech required to produce 35 ft rolls of paper that would reach all the way to New Glasgow at 40mph. It was cool to watch the robots that individually raps the finished rolls of gloss paper

Besides changing it's name numerous times, the mill only produces super calendar paper, after producing sulphite, newsprint and even biomass.